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Curriculum Vitae

CFO and COO – Catella Property Group in Germany
Member of the Management Board – Catella Property Germany AG
Managing Director – Catella Property GmbH (CPG),
Catella Property Advisors GmbH (CPA), Catella Property Management GmbH (CPM),
Catella Property Sp. z o. o. (Warsaw)

Catella Property Group at that time was a leading real estate transaction advisory group, active throughout Europe. More >>

Managing Director – Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Berlin (GSG)

GSG at that time was the leading developer and lessor of commercial real estate to middle market and small companies in the City State of Berlin. More >>

Managing Director – BB-Immobilienservice GmbH (BBIS),
Bau- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH der Unternehmensgruppe Bankgesellschaft Berlin (BPE)

BBIS and BPE were subsidiaries of Bankgesellschaft Berlin designed for special real estate projects. These included the work-out of problematic real estate loans and the construction of Lausitzring, a EUR 200 million multifunctional racetrack and testing facility designed for formula 1, long distance, motorbike and oval racing (CART, NASCAR). More >>

Managing Director – BB-Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH, Berlin (BBG),
BB-Hausverwaltung GmbH, Berlin (BBHV)

BBG owned and administered office properties used by Berliner Bank. The task was the analysis of building use, and the development of a strategy for the company. BBHV provided property management services for 28,000 residential and commercial renting units for owners including VBL, BVS and TLG. More >>

Managing Director – FBT Finance by Trade GmbH, Berlin

FBT was the subsidiary of Berliner Bank involved in trade finance by barter and counter trade. More >>

Member of the legal department – Berliner Bank AGMore >>


Resilience, Integrated Management System and Business Continuity

While not all risks, crises, emergencies and disruptions can be avoided each organization can strive to be prepared as best as one can. – topics:

Integrated Management System
Business Continuity
Processes for a BCMS
Management Disciplines supporting Resilience
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»Profiting from the US Marketplace:«

(Don Keysser, Minnesota - )
More >>

Auxilium: Our U.S. Commercial Partner Don Keysser of Hannnover LTD. in Minnesota asked whether you are »Making the right Choices?« He talked about reasons to decide for the U.S. market, key issues when doing so, distribution channels and financing. (on Oktober 15th,2014 at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin)

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