Auxilium Management Service - Service


Change Management

Management assistance with projects, including internal reorganization and I.T. migration

Corporate restructuring

  • Establishment and start-up management of corporate spin-offs
  • Establishment of domestic and transnational subsidiaries
  • Structuring and developing new lines of business

Interim Management

Replacement during periods of constrained management capacity

External Management to preserve corporate reputations

Auxiliary Expatbiz Services

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Support and Consulting

Strategic planning (Development and implementation)

Management backup in times of crisis

  • Downsizing
  • Corporate planning and financial solutions

Workout of real estate projects in distress

Advice and mediation in complex transactions

Leadership service – personnel development, coaching, labor relations


Positive management of enterprises

(Frank Herdmann & Mathias Wernicke)

More resilience by implementing an integrated management system (IMS):

Four questions regarding management systems for enterprises answered in just 7 minutes: What are management systems and what types exist? Why are standards important for the management of enterprises? What are the most important standards for management? What does integration mean and how can it be implemented?

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