Auxilium Management Service - Executive Summary

Number 1 (2010 - November):
Management and Organization

To manage a company adds up to leading its employees: planning, organization, and supervision of compliance – this is the classical triangle of management...

While »Muddling through« is no official management model it is widely misemployed... – topics:

Clear operative instructions without ambiguity and supervision of compliance therewith

Vital business processes assembled in an organization manual

Exemplary structure of the fundamental business processes

An investment in your company’s future

The complete paper in German can be downloaded as PDF:

download PDF (GERMAN)


Compliance and Risk Management reloaded

What is new since ISO 31000 has been published and the system of management system standards has been introduced by ISO? – topics:

The so called risk based approach
ISO 31000
The risk management process a plug-in-dongle
Compliance risks
download PDF (GERMAN)


»Profiting from the US Marketplace:«

(Don Keysser, Minnesota - )
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Auxilium: Our U.S. Commercial Partner Don Keysser of Hannnover LTD. in Minnesota asked whether you are »Making the right Choices?« He talked about reasons to decide for the U.S. market, key issues when doing so, distribution channels and financing. (on Oktober 15th,2014 at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin)

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